NC Media International Creativity Award 2023

We are thrilled to present Becky, the exceptional influencer behind the Youtube account Acre Homestead, as the winner of the NC Media International Creativity Award 2023! Just like in previous years, the NC Media Awards continue to recognize and celebrate creative excellence in the ever-competitive digital marketing industry, where the bridge between brands, creators, and fans is ever so vital.

Becky is an influencer whose creativity knows no bounds. Her ability to combine DIY projects with the art of homesteading has earned her a dedicated following. Her YouTube videos are an inspiring source of handmade projects, sustainable living tips, and homesteading adventures that resonate with anyone looking to embrace a more hands-on and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Becky’s exceptional talent redefines creativity within the realms of DIY and homesteading. It inspires her followers to reimagine their connection with nature, embrace self-reliance, and embark on their own creative journeys. It’s this profound influence that led the panel of jurors to recognize her as the worthy recipient of the NC Media International Creativity Award.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Becky for this well-deserved recognition and our gratitude for the continued inspiration and innovation she brings to her audience.

To learn more about Becky, check out her YouTube here.

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