NC Media Group
NC Media Awards 2022

International Recognition for Creative Excellence

The NC Media Awards recognizes creative excellence in an ever-competitive industry whose purpose is to bridge the gap between creators, brands and fans worldwide.

In 2022, social media continued to be a powerful platform for creativity and self-expression. With the continuous rise and evolution of visual platforms and trends like reels on Instagram and YouTube Shorts, creators have found new ways to entertain, educate, and inspire the world.

Without further ado, we are proud to announce that the winners of the NC Media Awards 2022 are none other than Ms. Shavonda Gardner (Creator of the Year Award), Ms. Linda Miller Nicholson (International Creativity Award) and last but not least James Currie (Global Photography Award).

Shavonda Gardner from @sgardnerstyle is an innovator in sustainable and conscious living. With a unique and sophisticated approach to design that focuses on creating spaces that are not only beautiful but also functional and sustainable, she inspires and educates her audience.

The winner of the NC Media Creativity Award 2022 is Ms. Linda Miller Nicholson from @saltyseattle. She is an internationally recognized pasta maker known for making colorful pasta, turning them into beautiful works of art. Her unique approach to pasta-making has earned her a reputation as a master in the field and has been featured in many renowned publications.

The winner of the NC Media Global Photography Award 2022 is James Currie from @jamesalcurrie. He is a successful chef and food photographer who a lot of us know from Sorted Food, a social media platform where people share their food creations and learn from each other.

We would like to congratulate the winners and thank them as well as all the other amazing creators we have the honour to work with.