NC Media Group
NC Media International Creativity Award 2022

We are proud to announce Ms. Linda Miller Nicholson of @saltyseattle as the winner of the NC Media International Creativity Award 2022! The NC Media Awards recognizes creative excellence in an ever-competitive industry whose purpose is to bridge the gap between brands, creators, and fans worldwide.

Linda Miller Nicholson is an internationally recognized pasta powerhouse known for her colorful creations that are beautiful works of art. Her innovative approach to pasta-making is what sets her apart and earned her recognition as the winner of the NC Media Creativity Award 2022. Her use of natural dyes, such as spinach, beetroot, and turmeric, to create a wide range of vibrant colors in her pasta is a prime example of how she pushes the boundaries of traditional pasta-making and brings new meaning to the art of pasta.

@saltyseattle content is a visual feast for food and art lovers, featuring various colorful pasta creations, from traditional shapes like spaghetti and fusilli to more unique shapes like shells and bows. Each pasta dish is a masterpiece of color, texture, and flavor, and her captions give a behind-the-scenes look at the inspiration and process behind each creation. She also shares her creative process, behind the scenes of her pasta making and dishes being cooked and served. Her feed is an excellent resource for those interested in learning more about natural ingredients and sustainable methods for making pasta. The launch of Crocchi a croissant-shaped gnocchi, handmade with veggies and full of superfoods is another example of her creative mastermind.

Ms. Linda Miller Nicholson's innovative approach to pasta-making, which combines wellness and art together with the positive impact she has on her audience on topics such as health, sustainability, and inclusivity has made the panel of the jury select her as the worthy winner of the NC Media International Creativity Award 2022.

We would like to thank Mr. Linda Miller Nicholson for her amazing content and the positive impact she has on the audience and network.

To learn more about Linda Miller Nicholson check out her Instagram page here.