NC Media Global Photography Award 2021

We are thrilled to announce that Cat Bude of “@cat_in_france” has been selected for the NC Media Global Photography Award 2021.

Looking back on 2021, it was a year with continuous uncertainty, for better or for worse.

We overcame this year with the help of our source of inspiration and entertainment: our amazing content creators. With the world they created for us and for those who admire them, their content became our source of entertainment and a platform to gain helpful insights throughout the global lockdowns. This is why NC Media believes that it is important to acknowledge the hard work our creators put into creating content.

This year’s NC Media Awards recognize creators in three segments: the Creator of the Year Award, Global Photography Award, and the Post of the Year Award. You can learn more about our mission for the Media Awards and the International Recognition for Creative Excellence, here.

A writer, photographer, vintage seller, and foodie at heart… Cat Bude won this year’s Global Photography Award!

Cat has a wide range of audience on her Instagram where she shares the charm of the French country lifestyle. She hosts cooking workshops and organizes online vintage pop-up sales along with educating and supporting her community with her endless inspirations.

Our independent panel of jury was captivated by her unique photography style to share the French country lifestyle along with delicious recipes. The usage of grey and cream undertone, gives us a nostalgic sense of the French rustic elegance. With her photography techniques, she inspired her audience and took them to another universe, the French dreamland.

Cat relocated to France from the Pacific Northwest of the US in 2010. Currently, her days are filled with daily tasks ranging from writing, photography, and recipe testing to enjoying French country life in Rabbit Hill, her home in Normandy, France since 2013. For more inspiration about delicious recipes, vintage, photography, and stories about French country life, visit Cat’s website, Rabbit Hill Lifestyle

We would like to thank Cat for her amazing work which inspired us in many ways!

To learn more about all the amazing recipes check out her blog here!

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